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24 Proven Ways to Make $20 Online in an Hour or Less

Are you in urgent need of some more cash? There is no need to look any further! In this comprehensive tutorial, we'll look at 24 tried-and-true strategies for earning $20 online in an hour or less. Whether you want to increase your PayPal balance or pay for some unforeseen needs, these methods can put money in your pocket quickly.

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Are you in urgent need of some more cash? There is no need to look any further! In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll look at 24 tried-and-true strategies for earning $20 online in an hour or less. Whether you want to increase your PayPal balance or pay for some unforeseen needs, these methods can put money in your pocket quickly. So, let’s get started and learn how to make money from the comfort of your own home.

1. Look for Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading could be your ticket to earning $20 or more for your language talents if you have a great grasp of grammar and an eye for detail. Proofreading employment can be found on freelance platforms and proofreading websites, though you may need to verify your ability by taking tests when you first start out. Alternatively, to attract clients, develop a professional website listing your services and promote it on social media. Developing a reputation for high-quality work and favourable feedback might help you land more prospects and establish a profitable proofreading business or side hustle.

2. Submit an Application for Transcription Work

Transcription work involves translating audio or video footage into text, which makes it a potential choice for quickly earning $20 online. You must be able to type quickly and grasp grammar. Some transcription assignments may also require you to precisely transcribe specific accents. Platforms such as Scribie provide a variety of transcription opportunities, ranging from professional transcription to chores such as podcast transcription. You’re usually paid every audio minute, and with a rate as low as $0.10 per minute, you may earn $20 in just over three hours.

3. Come up with Catchy Slogans

Consider becoming a slogan writer if you have a gift for creating clever words. Many businesses, both new and old, require appealing slogans to successfully convey their messages. Writing a single phrase can take only a few minutes, and you can earn a good living if you know where to look. Search for slogan writing work on freelance markets, on social media, or enter online contests where the greatest phrase gets a prize.

4. Manage your social media accounts

Consider becoming a social media manager if you are adept at using social media. Your responsibilities would include managing and growing social media accounts, as well as tasks such as content posting, replying to queries, and developing relationships with other brands. Social media marketing abilities are useful in this line of work because you will need to properly engage and communicate with your audience. If you already have a successful social media page, it can help you get employed. Otherwise, consider attending training to hone your talents and attract new clientele.

5. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a wonderful opportunity for folks who enjoy animals to rapidly earn $20 or more. Whether you enjoy cats, dogs, or both, you can provide a variety of pet care services such as feeding, caressing, walking, and checking up on pets. Having previous experience with the type of pet you’re caring for, especially if you’ve had comparable pets, can help you gain the trust of pet owners. Rover, for example, connects pet sitters with nearby pet owners in need of services. Create a convincing profile, indicate your availability, and select your favourite types of pets. Rover pays you per service, and your earnings are determined by parameters such as the type of pet and the length of care.

6. Make Money as a Grocery Shopper

If you enjoy shopping, you can earn money by becoming an Instacart shopper. Instacart provides shoppers with two options: in-store shoppers and full-service shoppers. Full-service shoppers shop for groceries on behalf of customers who pick up their purchases later, whereas in-store shoppers shop and deliver the items directly to customers. Deliveries are required for full-service shoppers. You can choose your work hours and days, and you may also receive tips from customers, which will increase your profits.

7. Work as a Food Delivery Driver

Another option to earn $20 quickly is to become a delivery driver, especially if you have access to a car. DoorDash and other similar apps allow you to order meals from local restaurants and businesses and even allow riders in certain locations to utilise bikes or scooters for deliveries. You have the option of choose your working location and hours, as well as which orders to fulfil. Your earnings are determined by criteria such as the type of order and the distance travelled during deliveries.

8. Make Money From Your Hobbies

Why not monetise your interests if you are enthusiastic about them? You can find online gigs for any expertise, such as sketching, video editing, cooking, dancing, or any other skill, by using freelance sites and social networking. To begin earning money, offer virtual or in-person lessons or services relevant to your activity. Turning your pastime into a source of money not only allows you to make $20 quickly, but it may also lead to a long-term business or side work.

9. Reduce Your Expenses

Making an additional $20 can often be as simple as cutting back on unneeded purchases. Examine your spending habits and identify places where you may save money. Cooking at home instead of eating out, for example, or cancelling unwanted subscriptions might quickly free up cash. Consider adopting financial management software such as Trim, which automatically cancels old subscriptions and negotiates bills to help you save even more money.

10. Online Sale of Unused Items

Do you have any unused CDs, mobile gadgets, books, or other goods hanging around? These goods can be sold online for as little as $20 or more. Platforms for listing and selling your things are provided by online marketplaces such as Facebook, Amazon, and eBay. To please customers and avoid bad reviews, make sure the things are in useable condition before displaying them. You can also utilise applications like Decluttr to sell various media and tech things by simply scanning the item’s barcode with your phone’s camera and following the instructions.

11. Take part in cash-paying surveys

If you enjoy giving your opinion, online surveys can be a great way to rapidly earn $20 through PayPal. It’s as simple as answering a few questions for a few minutes and receiving payment in exchange. Survey sites typically award you points for each completed survey, courtesy of brands looking for your important opinion to enhance their products. Keep in mind that longer polls frequently pay more.

12. Make use of Swagbucks for web browsing

Making Swagbucks your default search engine is another wonderful way to earn money. As a result, with each web search, you’ll earn more points, thus getting rewarded for your online activity. What’s the best part? It has no effect on the quality of your searches, ensuring that you continue to find the information you want. Swagbucks’ search engine works with common browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

13. Make Money by Watching Videos

If you enjoy viewing movies, you can earn $20 by watching them on sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars. The majority of the videos are entertaining and only take a few minutes of your time. These platforms reward you not only for taking surveys but also for watching movies, providing a dependable option to earn $20 quickly.

14. Earn Cashback When You Shop

Cashback applications, which reward you for making purchases from merchants that have collaborated with specific platforms, might be beneficial to frequent consumers. These applications split the commissions they receive from brands in exchange for sending you to them. Many of them collaborate with a variety of retailers, allowing you to continue shopping at your favourite stores. Furthermore, companies frequently compensate you for your receipts. Simply shop for featured items, take a photo of your receipt, and once approved, you’ll receive the cashback.

15. Volunteer as an app and website tester

One of the best methods to make $20 fast online is to become an app and website tester. You will evaluate the usability of several apps and websites and submit feedback based on your experiences. In most circumstances, you’ll be required to write down your thoughts and submit a screen-recorded video with your voice. UserTesting, a site where worldwide corporations seek user input on their apps and web pages, is a good resource for locating such testing jobs. A 20-minute test is worth $10, and there are even higher-paying live interviews available.

16. Independent Writing

Consider freelance writing as a way to earn $20 online in as little as an hour if you have writing talents. Platforms such as Fiverr provide a platform for finding clients, but you may face competition. To distinguish yourself, offer competitive rates, deliver high-quality work, and display your published works. To discover writing projects and actively communicate with potential clients, use social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

17. Begin with Small Investments

Even if you only have $20, you may make tiny investments to help your money grow. Acorns and other similar apps allow you to invest your spare change by rounding up your transactions to the nearest dollar and investing the difference. It’s a passive approach to make money that doesn’t require a lot of capital or financial knowledge.

18. Provide Home Services

Cleaning, TV installation, and simple repairs are all examples of home services that can easily make you money. Platforms such as TaskRabbit connect service providers (Taskers) with customers who require a variety of services. You can choose your own hours and rates, and many activities do not necessitate specialised knowledge. However, it is critical to provide services that you are familiar with in order to assure quality work, which can lead to great ratings and repeat business.

19. Moving Assistance

Offering aid to clients during their moves is a great service if you are physically competent of lifting and carrying stuff. Customers can use apps like Dolly to connect with specialists for jobs like lifting, loading, and carrying items. You can work as a Dolly Helper, assisting with transportation, or as a Dolly Hands, assisting with specific chores as specified. Dolly allows you to make money while assisting others with their moving requirements by providing flexibility in terms of work hours and tasks.

20. Promote Your Photography

If you have photographic skills, selling your images online can be a lucrative business. Whether you shoot with a camera or a smartphone, your images can be sold on sites like Shutterstock or Foap. When customers download your premium photographs for various purposes, you make money. Furthermore, Foap has “Missions” where you can submit high-quality photographs for increased rewards. Consider developing your own website to offer your images and photographic services, and then properly promote it to reach a larger audience.

21. Sell Foot Photographs

Consider selling images of feet online for a novel way to earn $20 quickly. Individuals and brands are interested in foot-related material, and you may sell images and films of feet on social media, stock photography sites, and dedicated platforms for “feet-only” photo sales. You can begin by capturing images using your smartphone and eventually invest in photographic equipment as your side income expands. Remember that you must be of legal age, own the content you sell, and ensure that it is lawful in your jurisdiction.

22. Let Your Storage Space Go

Consider renting out unneeded storage space, such as a shed or basement, to others. Platforms such as Neighbour match tenants with available storage space in their neighbourhood. Renters pay for a 30-day storage period, so listing your space on such services might help you make passive revenue. You will be compensated for each month of storage provided, and Neighbour will coordinate communication and meetings between renters and space owners to ensure a pleasant experience.

23. Provide Writing Services for Dating Profiles

Do you have a talent for matching people and creating appealing dating profiles? Assist folks in creating appealing dating profiles and standing out in the online dating arena. You can sell these services on freelance websites or connect with dating app users who need help boosting their profiles. Having your own effective dating profile can act as a portfolio to demonstrate your abilities.

24. Borrow $20 from family or friends

Borrowing $20 from a friend or family member is a quick and easy way to get the money you need in an emergency. It is critical to repay the borrowed cash on time as a gesture of thanks and to maintain good relationships.


You have a number of possibilities to make $20 quickly online with these 24 tried-and-true strategies, whether you have an hour or less to spend. Investigate these possibilities, utilise your abilities and interests, and act to increase your income whenever the need arises. There is a strategy that meets your interests and can help you attain your financial goals, whether you opt to conduct surveys, provide services, or sell products. Begin immediately and learn how to consistently generate extra money whenever you need it.

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