30 Items You Can Rent to Increase Your Income

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In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to pursue additional income streams. A reliable source of supplemental income can be a game-changer when faced with rising expenditures, expenses, and life’s unanticipated turns. Have you ever considered leveraging your possessions to generate passive income? Welcome to the world of renting out your belongings, a side venture that can transform your inactive items into assets that generate income with minimal effort. In this exhaustive guide, we’ll examine why renting items can be a lucrative secondary gig, as well as the various items you can rent to maximise your earnings.

Why Renting Things Can Be a Great Side Hustle

One of the most compelling arguments for renting out your possessions is the potential for passive income. Instead of exchanging time for money, you use assets you already possess to generate income. Although some initial setup may be required, this side gig allows you to generate income without requiring continuous effort.

Diverse Income Sources: Whether you’re currently employed and searching for supplemental income or want to earn from home, renting your items provides flexible opportunities. It enables you to generate income from a variety of sources without the need for a traditional employment.

Many of us own assets that are seldom utilised. By renting them out, these inactive assets are transformed into income-generating instruments, effectively covering their initial acquisition costs.

Unlimited Possibilities: As you investigate this guide, you’ll find a variety of items available for rental. While we will cover some popular options, your imagination can direct you to even more home-based income-generating opportunities.

While financial gain may be your primary motivation for renting your items, there is also a larger purpose served. By making your belongings available for rent, you are assisting others in their efforts to save money, especially during difficult economic circumstances.

Now that we’ve established why renting can be a lucrative secondary gig, let’s explore the extensive list of items you can rent to increase your income:

1. Storage Space

Renting out storage space is an often-overlooked secondary business opportunity with substantial potential. You may be sitting on a goldmine if you have an unused garage, cellar, attic, or barn. You can leverage the fact that people are willing to pay a monthly fee to store their possessions to generate passive income.

Recommended Platform: Neighbour is an intuitive website that enables you to list your space for free. It connects you with local renters, making the process effortless.

2. Truck

If you own a pickup truck or work vehicle, you have an excellent opportunity to earn additional income. Numerous individuals require a vehicle for a variety of duties, including moving furniture and transporting supplies. Truck rental is a potentially lucrative endeavour.

Consider utilising Fetch, a peer-to-peer truck rental platform that guarantees a minimum of $1,500 in the first 90 days for each newly listed vehicle. Fetch simplifies the process by handling marketing, customer service, and payments on your behalf.

3. Rv or Camper

Renting out an RV or camper can generate substantial profits for owners. The demand for RV rentals remains consistently high, especially following the popularity spike during travel restrictions. Your RV can become a lucrative source of income.

RVshare is a reputable peer-to-peer rental platform that connects RV owners with enthusiastic tenants. Listing your RV here can significantly increase your income.

4. A Spare Room or Your Residence

The introduction of platforms like Airbnb has transformed the property rental industry. You can generate revenue from your residence, a unit on your property, or even a vacant chamber. Potential income varies depending on location and property configuration.

Recommended Platform: Airbnb and Vrbo are fantastic options for short-term rentals, whereas Rent Like a Champion specialises in listing properties near major events and offers tremendous earning potential.

5. Kitchen

Consider renting out your kitchen to bakers, chefs, and catering if it is equipped for culinary endeavours. This specialised secondary activity can generate additional income while supporting local culinary talent.

Recommended Platform: Consult Kitchen Mag’s guide on preparing your kitchen for rental to get started with this innovative side venture.

6. Residence or Location (for Events)

Your property can be utilised for a variety of functions, such as hosting events, filming, photoshoots, and celebrations. LocationsHub, SetScout, Giggster, Peerspace, and Splacer are rental platforms that can connect you with individuals seeking spaces for various purposes.

7. Office Space

Do you have unused office or conference space? In the commercial realm, these spaces may be valuable assets. Platforms such as LiquidSpace and Desktime facilitate the rental listing of coworking spaces.

8. Parking Space

If your location is conducive to parking demand, renting out your driveway or parking space can be a reliable source of income. SpotHero, PARQEX, and JustPark are platforms that serve this market.

9. Camping Space

If you own land, you can rent it out to hikers. Campspace is a platform that enables you to advertise your land for campers, giving outdoor enthusiasts access to your property.

10. Farming/Gardening Land

Gardeners and producers can rent land from landowners. Shared Earth and YardYum are platforms that facilitate connections between landowners and individuals pursuing horticulture opportunities.

11. Your Pet’s Space

Platforms such as Rover and Sniffspot enable you to offer pet-related services, such as doggy daycare or pet-friendly land rentals, thereby generating income while assisting pet owners and their feline companions.

12. Money

Peer-to-peer lending platforms such as Prosper and Groundfloor enable you to lend your money to others, generating interest and possibly tripling your returns. This option is optimal for those who wish to invest their funds prudently.

13. Car

Consider renting your unused automobile if you have one. Getaround and Turo are reputable car rental platforms.

14. Advertising Space on Your Vehicle

Convert your vehicle into a mobile billboard and earn money while driving. Companies such as Carvertise and Wrapify offer opportunities to monetize the exterior of your vehicle.

15. Boat

On platforms like Boatsetter and GetMyBoat, boat owners can rent out their vessels for profit. Renting your boat to water enthusiasts can generate significant income.

16. Jet Ski

A Jet Ski offers a comparable opportunity. GetMyBoat and Click&Boat provide apparatus rental services for water sports enthusiasts.

17. Golf Carts

Depending on your location, the rental of golf carts can be lucrative. This secondary business is ideal for individuals living in golf cart-friendly neighbourhoods or in close proximity to event venues.

18. Bike

Those in need of two-wheeled conveyance can hire bicycles from bicycle owners. Spinlister and listnride facilitate cycle rentals, thereby generating revenue for bike proprietors.

19. Equipment and Tools

Renting tools and equipment, such as power saws and lawnmowers, is a great way to generate income from your assets. The majority of cities have equipment rental companies, but you can establish your own small-scale rental business.


Frequently, large shelters are rented for outdoor events. If you own one, consider renting it on event-centric platforms to generate additional income.

21.Bounce Houses

The industry of renting bounce houses for celebrations and events can be lucrative. Starting your bounce house rental business can help meet the demand for these entertaining inflatables.

22. Clothing/Fashion

Consider renting out any designer clothing or wedding attire that you no longer need. Style Lend and Rent My Wardrobe provide contemporary products to fashion-conscious renters.

23. Baby Equipment

Renting infant gear to travelling families is a considerate secondary business. BabyQuip provides a platform for parents to rent necessary equipment, making travel effortless.

24. Photography Equipment

On platforms such as ShareGrid and KitSplit, photography enthusiasts can rent out their cameras, lenses, drones, and other equipment, providing access to high-quality equipment without the obligation to purchase.

25. Musical Instruments

By renting instruments, musicians can share their musical talents and earn money. Fretish is a platform that facilitates peer-to-peer instrument rental transactions.

Unlock the Profit Potential of Rentals

In the freelance economy of today, renting out your belongings can be a lucrative way to supplement your income. Whether you leverage underutilised assets or invest in new rental items, the possibilities are extensive. Keep in mind, as you read this guide, that success in the rental market frequently requires careful consideration of location, demand, and pricing. Start by listing your available items on specialised marketplaces, and you may soon realise the benefits of your entrepreneurial spirit.

**Remember that the key to success in this side business is to provide quality service, maintain your items in excellent condition, and provide exceptional customer experiences. By doing so, you’ll not only maximise your earnings but also establish a positive reputation in the rental market. Unlock the revenue potential of your possessions immediately and embark on a path to financial growth.

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