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The Conflict Between Happiness and Financial Stability

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When pondering the question of whether or not money can buy happiness, it’s natural to think about the fine dining and exotic travel that money makes possible. However, new studies demonstrate that having cash on hand can help people avoid many of the day-to-day issues that can lead to stress.

With enough of it, we can avoid minor inconveniences like getting caught in a downpour by calling an Uber, or major ones like dealing with a hefty medical cost without losing our composure.

It’s important to be open and honest about why you want to start a side business.
Let’s cut to the chase right now. If you’re in a position to consider a second job, consider yourself lucky. It takes confidence to take on projects that might not pay off right away. We’re talking about your time and your financial stability.

The global landscape is shifting. To be honest, I doubt you needed me to explain it. As we enter the 2023, there is renewed interest in the concept of passive income and side gigs.

Imagine you made a diagram showing the factors that led different people to choose this path. According to those criteria, “need” is probably now more common than “desire.” The trend toward supplementing or even replacing main income with side projects is growing.

It’s also true that some people pursue education simply for the joy of it. Its monetary worth may be irrelevant to them.

As a result, there are now two groups of people working for the same kind of objective, but for opposing motives.

Which one are you trying to find, exactly? May I ask if you could have both?


Despite my tendency toward idealism, I recognize the importance of a secure financial background. Whether or not making money is your top priority should be considered. Or it could be the sole motivation for your supplementary income.

Since we all put in extra time for different reasons, there is no one correct response.

Having this distinction set up front will help you ask the right question when the going gets tough.

To what end am I continuing to work toward this goal?

They aren’t getting any responses from prospective customers. The company’s profits are so low that they can’t even meet their operating expenses. Your mind’s subconscious will prepare a case like a Supreme Court attorney.

If making money on the side seems to be your driving force, you might want to dig a little deeper. Just what impact would those supplementary funds have?

Are you confident in your financial future?

A profession that can support itself

Alternatively, do you seek something more ephemeral, such as personal satisfaction and independence?

The Measure of Time

Please put on my idealist hat for a second. Put it on, and you’ll forget that there’s any chance of making more money in any other way.

Can you explain the benefits you anticipate from engaging in this activity? How do you spend the two to three hours you gain every night? They must give you something, if not a direct deposit into your bank account.

Some folks don’t find their true north in the time-money equation.

And I’m not restricting myself to only artists and other “creative sorts.” I think most of us understand how quickly time passes, no matter what we do. It’s not open for exchanges, sales, or refunds. Regardless of your identity.

Time can’t be bought, but it can’t be rushed. It’s not yours to keep, but you’re welcome to put it to good use. This is not yours to keep, but rather to spend. When you lose anything, it’s gone for good.


Even if you manage to prove the worth of your time, that won’t automatically give your side gig any significance. The pursuit of happiness, rather than material gain, becomes a little more comprehensible.

Success without happiness is meaningless

So, if happiness is the end aim, how would you define success?

Is it going after a job that you’ve always been interested in?

Does it serve others and make you happy at the same time?

Even if we don’t make any money from our side gig, there are still many benefits we can get from it. There is constant demand to use such measurements or the time=money value framework.

But don’t feel obligated to take a stance.

Let’s ask ourselves another introspective query. Wouldn’t you have more time to pursue these aims if you didn’t have to have a 9-to-5 job to make ends meet?

The idealist’s cap is starting to feel a little snug. It’s not impossible that the two objectives are connected in some way. Regardless of which one you think is more important.


Reload the page in your mind’s browser. Can you recall how you were feeling when you made the decision to launch your side business? It might have happened when you were out for a run, in the shower, or on your third cup of coffee.

Recall the thrill you felt at the time. If you even entertained the idea, you must have had a very good reason. support the concept of allocating more resources (including time, money, and energy) than usual.

Earning some side cash is essential to achieving time independence. It’s yours to do with as you like, regardless of the consequences in the real world.

In order to achieve happiness, it’s important to recognize the importance of patience. This goal is achievable, given sufficient more time.

There was never a right or incorrect response, and now is the time to accept that. It’s possible that neither of the two is the one you’d choose. To answer this question, we need only reframe which is the driving factor.

Time is what will ultimately drive you to success. In what ways you put it to use, how much freedom it gives you, and how much value you place on it. If your side gig helps in any of these ways, you’re on the right track.

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