Top 15 Indian Bloggers (2021 Income Details)

July 26, 2021

The Blogging scene in India has seen a tremendous uptake in recent years & you may be surprised to learn that you can make a fine living income by blogging.

We’ll introduce you to 15 successful Indian bloggers that earn thousands of dollars a month through their blogs!
They cover a wide range of topics, including Technology, Travel, Startups, Bollywood, Finance, and blogging suggestions for novice bloggers. In this post, we’ll provide a list of the most well-known Indian bloggers who make a great livelihood from their blogs.

I’m sure you’ve visited at least one of those top bloggers’ websites previously, as they all have extremely popular blogs with millions of monthly visitors. The purpose of sharing this list is to encourage you and other bloggers by sharing the success stories of other bloggers.

These prominent Indian bloggers earn a lot of money by just writing and sharing useful information on the internet. They earn considerably more money than a well-known doctor, engineer, lawyer, or other professions in the same field of interest.
The most essential thing is that they do what they enjoy and do not need to work for others; they just pursue their passion while earning good money.

These are top bloggers in India, along with their monthly blogging revenue.

1. Amit Agarwal -

Amit Agarwal tops the list of top bloggers in India. In India, he is one of the original & first movers in the blogging world.
He has a technology blog that is one of the most popular blogs in India and the world.
In fact, he is the first Indian blogger to have blogging as a full-time job. A number of well-known bloggers were influenced by his success. and are the websites of Amit, the main being the famous website Digital Inspiration ( An IITian by Education and, he worked for a number of well-known companies before deciding to become a blogger full-time.

  • Blogger Name: Amit Agrawal
  • Monthly Earning: $60,000+
  • Blog/Website: - Tech Tips & Guides, CTRLQ.ORG - Google Apps Scripts
  • Income Source - Sponsorships & Advertisements

2. Harsh Agrawal -

Harsh Agrawal is a well-known name in the area of internet blogging. According to his education, he is an engineer, yet he is a blogger by trade.
His Blog ShoutmeLoud grew to become one of India’s most popular blogs. He posts about blogging, generating money online with blogs/websites, WordPress, and blog management.
Harsh and his team also publish articles about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, and site hosting.

Affiliate programs are Harsh Agrawal’s primary source of revenue.

  • Blogger Name: Harsh Agrawal
  • Monthly Earning: $50,000+
  • Blog/Website: + Many Undisclosed Blogs in his Shoutdreams Network.
  • Income Source - Affiliate & Advertisements

3. Shradha Sharma -

Shradha is the top woman blogger on our list of best Indian bloggers. She is well-known for creating the worldwide famous website This is the TechCrunch of India.
YourStory is a renowned media website committed to telling the experiences of entrepreneurs, leaders, and founders, and has profiled over 50,000 entrepreneurs in India. YourStory’s website is visited by 10 million readers from India and all over the world.

  • Blogger Name: Shradha Sharma
  • Monthly Earning: $50,000+
  • Blog/Website:
  • Income Source - Sponsorships & Advertisements

4. Anand Khanse – TheWindowsClub

Anand Khanse is a businessman who began blogging in April 2009 with the introduction of his site TheWindowsClub.
On their blog TheWindowsClub, he shares information on the Windows operating system. He has been awarded as Microsoft MVP for 10 years now. According to Similar Web, his website has more than 14.5 million visitors each month from all around the world.

  • Blogger Name: Anand Khanse
  • Monthly Earning: $40,000+
  • Blog/Website: TheWindowsClub
  • Income Source - ClixSense, Google Display Network, Taboola, EPN Etc.

5. Abhijit Mukherjee – Guiding Tech

Guiding Tech, one of the popular tech advice, and how-to sites is managed by Abhijeet Mukherjee at the moment. Since early 2008, he has worked for himself.

Guiding Tech provides in-depth articles on a wide range of consumer technology subjects. Guiding Tech and GT Hindi are two of its most popular YouTube channels. Abhijeet Mukherjee founded Guiding Tech in his bedroom in 2010.

He’s written for a number of well-known sites in the past. Over the years, he has experimented with a variety of internet companies.
In early 2008, he began writing professionally with a personal blog. He now exclusively runs Guiding Tech and 2 Youtube Channels.

  • Blogger Name: Abhijit Mukherjee
  • Monthly Earning: $25,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website: Guiding Tech
  • Youtube - GT Hindi,
  • Income Source - Affiliate & Advertisements

6. Srinivas Tamada -

Srinivas Tamada is the creator of, a renowned programming blog. The 9Lessons blog is dedicated to programming, PHP, Ajax, and other areas of web design. Tutorials are mainly focused on Javascript, Angular JS, and ReactJS, Jquery and Ajax, PHP and MySQL, as well as Web design. He is currently staying in the USA.

  • Blogger Name: Srinivas Tamada
  • Monthly Earning: $20,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website:
  • Income Source - App scripts Sale & Advertisements

7. Ashish Sinha - NextBigWhat

Coming from Bengaluru he started his site as, Which now became NextBigWhat. is a technology portal that covers technology, startups, and business news. The platform of the firm provides comprehensive coverage of Indian technology companies and digital media news. Its readers are largely entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, geeks, technologists, business graduates, and so forth.

  • Blogger Name: Ashish Sinha
  • Monthly Earning: $18,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website:
  • Income Source - Sponsorships & Advertisements

8. Nandini Shenoy – PinkVilla

Pink Villa’s is founded by Nandini Shenoy, she is also the current CEO.
She has completed her Master’s degree in the United States. She has also worked as a software developer for Microsoft.
His passion for Bollywood inspired her to create a blog in 2004.

PinkVilla receives an estimated 10 million monthly visits.
With his site Pink Villa, she makes about $15,000 each month by sharing Bollywood gossip, fashion news, and recommendations with their readership. Nandini Shenoy is a fantastic role model for women who desire to make a difference in their lives.

  • Blogger Name: Nandini Shenoy
  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website: Pink Villa
  • Income Source - Sponsorships & Advertisements

9. Arun Prabhudesai -

Arun Prabhudesai is the founder of, an Indian blog that covers topics such as technology, telecommunications, the internet, and mobile phones. Arun founded in 2007, and it has grown steadily since then to become one of India’s most popular telecom blogs.

Nowadays his main focus has gone to his Youtube channel where he shares video reviews of tech products.

  • Blogger Name: Arun Prabhudesai
  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website:
  • Income Source - Affiliate & Advertisements
  • Youtube - Trackin Tech

10. Amit Bhawani - Phoneradar

In 2007, Amit Bhawani began his blogging career. He writes about a variety of topics, including technology, health, blogging, SEO, India, and more. The website, which is reported to make crores in profit, accounts for the majority of his revenues.

  • Blogger Name: Amit Bhawani.
  • Monthly Earning: $20,000+
  • Blog/Website:,,
  • Income Source - Affiliate & Advertisements

11. Deepak Kanakaraju – Digital Deepak

Deepak Kanakaraju established Digital Deepak, which is currently ranked among India’s top 10 digital marketers. In 2004, he enrolled in college. His father has a modest construction firm in Salem, where he grew up.

However, he currently receives a lot of targeted traffic to his blogs and earns a lot of money.
Also, his coaching services are one of the highly regarded Digital Marketing programs on the Internet.

  • Monthly Earning: $30,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website: Digital Deepak
  • Income Source - Affiliate & Course Sale
  • Youtube - Digital Deepak

12. Pardeep Goyal - CashOverflow

Pardeep Goyal is an Indian personal finance blogger based in Chandigarh. He teaches people how to blog through a variety of courses and his site,
His blog’s primary goal is to educate readers on how to save money and eventually generate a passive income by launching an internet company.

Users will mostly discover articles connected to financial, online income, investing, and saving money on this blog.
Cashoverflow is very popular with users, with average monthly traffic of 200,000 visitors. Mr. Pradeep makes over 300,000 rupees each month through his blog.

  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website:
  • Income Source - Affiliate & Advertisements

13. Swadhin Agarwal - DigitalGYD

Swadhin Agarwal is an Odisha-based Top Indian Blogger. In the year 2013, Swadhin Agarwal founded DigitalGYD, an award-winning blog. This blog’s main goal is to assist all users in making money online. Mr. Swadhin’s site covers a wide range of subjects, such as SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, and social networking, among others.

Apart from the subjects stated above, visitors will discover case studies written by Mr. Swadhin on his own initiatives in his blogs. Mr. Swadhin’s site is ideal for individuals who wish to exponentially develop their blogs, with everything from beginner-friendly guidelines to expert blogging methods.

Mr. Swadhin began his career as a freelance writer and content strategist, but after becoming well-known and acquiring important expertise, he has made it a point to assist newcomers in starting and growing their own blogs into lucrative internet enterprises.

  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website: DigitalGYD
  • Income Source - Affiliate & Advertisements

14. Pritam Nagrale - MoneyConnexion

Pritam Nagrale is a top Indian blogger from Mumbai who has amassed a fortune through blogging. Through his site and YouTube channel, he provides fantastic blogging ideas and practical information.
Mr. Nagrale was born and raised in Kota, Rajasthan.

MoneyConnexion is currently quite popular, as evidenced by the fact that Mr. Nagrale’s blog currently receives over 1 million monthly page visits. Furthermore, Pritam’s current blogging revenue exceeds $1 million.

Apart from MoneyConnexion, he also runs, a prominent site that is even more popular than MoneyConnexion., which had over 1.5 million page visits in 2012, was also founded in that year.

  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website: MoneyConnexion,SureJob
  • Income Source - Affiliate & Advertisements

15. Akshay Hallur - BloggingX

Akshay Hallur is an Indian blogger living in Bengaluru. He has a fantastic site,, and a Facebook group where he helps others learn how to blog.
Akshay Hallur is a young blogger who rose to prominence mostly as a result of his high-quality site, BloggingX. He aims to share SEO strategies with other bloggers and beginners through his blog.

His site also includes articles on themes like blogging ideas, internet marketing, and branding advice. Users will also find numerous entries about online branding and SEO on this site.

  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated).

  • Blog/Website:

  • Income Source - Affiliate & Advertisements

  • YouTube - AKshay Hallur

These are a few of the most well-known bloggers. There are many more, and new bloggers join us on a daily basis. If you know of any Indian bloggers who should be included in this list, please let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add them.
This collection is intended to provide you with instances of people just like you who want to make a living through the web.

So let me ask you. What are you waiting for?
Get Started on Your Blog Now.

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