10+ Social Media Platforms to Improve Your Blog Traffic

If you’re experiencing trouble getting visitors to your new blog or website, this entire post will be extremely costly for you. guys The greatest approach to generate a lot of visitors is through social networking. We can share our blog with millions of individuals using social media, and we can gain initial traffic to our site using these social media platforms.

We frequently create blogs and websites for free or for a fee, but we forget that blogs and websites rely only on visitors.
There is no need to be concerned if our blog or website receives high-quality traffic; but, if your blog receives little traffic, there is cause for concern.

Blogs rely heavily on traffic, particularly organic traffic. That is why I advised you to make your blog SEO-friendly. We learned in this post how we tried to bring all of the traffic to our article, and how we did our best to bring the first traffic to our blog utilizing the finest social media networks.
There are millions of blogs and websites around the globe, making it tough to rank your website on Google’s first page. As we all know, the ranking of blog articles is a key component in generating a lot of visitors.

However, if your post or blog does not rank on Google, we have another choice for ranking our blog or website.
Here, we will just talk about social media traffic and the top 10 social media networks from which we may create a lot of traffic. I, too, use all of these venues for early traffic. All of these social media sites can assist you in driving a significant quantity of traffic to your blog.

Here, I will briefly describe how to post your work on various sites without being blacklisted by them.


Facebook is the type of social media site that everyone is familiar with. There is no need to go into detail about its capabilities, but I will tell you about one social media network that can drive a lot of traffic to your website.
We now know that Facebook has a tool called Facebook Groups via which you may drive Facebook traffic to your blog by providing a link to your site.

All you have to do is follow these steps and share the link of your blog on Facebook groups daily.

  • First, you create a Facebook account.
  •  Then, by creating an account, you have to add Facebook groups related to your blog topic on your account.
  • Have to follow at least 20 to 30 groups, and at least share your 3 blog links on all these groups in a day.
  • You may use a simple copy and paste method.
  • But you have to keep consistency.

If you follow these instructions, you can attract up to 100 visitors each day on Facebook.
Facebook receives billions of visitors each day. And such groups have millions of members. If you search your blog specialty on Facebook groups, you will find thousands of groups with millions of users that are active on a daily basis.


Linkedin is a site that most people are unaware of, but believe me when I say that I have never seen a blog-sharing platform like this. You may use hashtags to share your blog on this site.

Linkedin, like Facebook and Quora, is incredibly easy to share; similarly, you may utilize it to post your blog link.
You simply need to take the following steps:

  • You must first open a LinkedIn account.
  • Then, you get the option of adding a post on its home page itself.
  • You have to click on the simple add post and write a script of 50 to 60 words related to your post and also give a link to your blog.
  • Remember that the script you are writing should be interesting and attractive so that people will wish to visit your site.
  • This social media platform allows you to automatically add signatures.

So grab it, and start using this platform right away.


Twitter, once again, is the finest social media channel for spreading the word about your blog article. You can add or entice people to follow you on Twitter here, and when you share your blog link on Twitter, you can quickly receive visitors from Twitter.

You may immediately provide your URL on Twitter and tweet it. If readers enjoy that blog article, they will likely follow you and become frequent visitors.
So, Twitter is also a fantastic medium for social media sharing and blogging.
Twitter is a great way to promote your blog since more people are following Twitter these days, and if you can attract these individuals, your site will receive a lot more traffic.


Reddit is known as “the front page of the web.” It’s also quite interesting, with a well-organized collection of resources. The website’s taxonomy is straightforward to understand; Reddit is split into SubReddits. The latter contains links that are unique to a certain interest; I’m sure there’s a SubReddit for just about anything.

A SubReddit is an area of Reddit where people with similar interests may exchange information with others. When someone posts something on Reddit, the site requires him or her to post it to a SubReddit. If you join any subreddit, you will need rules. Reddiquette is a set of rules that regulate how individuals act on Reddit. It’s the same as politeness at any other club. On Reddit, there is an amazing post with all of the runes.

You may also join additional groups relating to your topic and put your blog link here, either directly or via an image or text.
However, you may only share 3 to 4 posts at a time. If you accept their terms and conditions, you can join other groups and publish articles. With their consent, we can upload articles.

We may also add a new post from this page. We must click on that post and paste our blog post URL into it, then click the post button. Your post will be published instantly.
Reddit is another fantastic website with millions of monthly visitors that are also frequent.
To utilize Reddit, we must first create an account. Then we may add posts on a daily basis.
Please choose a community that will allow you to post your blog without any problems.
It’s all about Reddit here.


Medium is a social networking platform that allows you to share a large number of posts on a regular basis.
You will see an interface with a blogging platform on the media. Actually, Medium is a blogging site, but it is increasingly being utilized for social networking, therefore it has been included in our list.

Visitors arrive in the millions on this site each month to read the articles delisted on it, indicating that this platform will be useful.

You must first create an account in Medium. Then you must take the following actions.

  • After making a new account it will take time to publish your article, My personal tip is to post your articles after 24 hours.
  • Now, on the right side of your screen, you’ll notice your profile symbol; click on it. You will see that there is a new choice. [New Articles] choose that option
  • Here you have to write your article top 100 words or 20 to30 lines of your article
  • The most crucial step is to link your content to any term in your Medium blog post.
  • You can also use [read more] signs to visit people on your site.

This is the entire procedure for using Medium for blog link sharing.


Quora is a platform with about 5 to 10 million monthly visitors. If you can answer popular Quora questions, you can attract visits to your site as well, and just think of how many people that is.
If you can convert just 1% of the traffic to your site, you can make a lot of money.
By Responding; Quora is a question-and-answer website where users may ask questions, get answers, and even create changes. Here, we have the opportunity to answer other people’s questions on what they want to know.
You may answer as many questions as you like each day, and your answers will be seen by other people who use Quora.

In Quora, you just provide an answer, and if you include a link to your blog or post in that answer at the time of answering, your site will receive the link, and if you or anybody clicks on that link, it will redirect that visitor to your blog post.
This is the legitimate way to post a link to Quora.
By Questioning: We can also post questions to Quora, and you may include a link to your site when you do so.
When uploading questions to Quora, we must provide a link in such a way that no Quora regulation is violated.


Pinterest is an image-sharing site where you may include a link to your blog post in the image, and visitors who click on the image will be sent to your targeted blog article. You may also publish your affiliate link with the product image here, as well as place a pin in your relevant board.
There is an unusual format for submitting a post on Pinterest.
I’ll attempt to explain it to you in the following steps;

  • In this, you get two options after creating an account.  1. Create board   2. Add pin

  • First we have to make a board related to our blog, on which later we can pin the image of your blog, we can understand this platform by taking an example of the school board.
  • Just after making the board, we have to keep adding continuous images and keep giving links to our blog in the images. 

Pinterest is a platform on which you can also share your affiliate product directly, and for this you did not even have to write any blog. This is an image sending platform, just in this we can link the image to our blog.

And you will not believe that even on this platform there are millions of visitors monthly who Visit this platform. 


You’ve all learned a lot about Instagram. We’ve also added Instagram to this list because I tried this with my website.
You may encourage visitors to visit your blog by using the links from Instagram. Then I started writing appealing Instagram posts and tales with attractive images, which many people come to check on my site only from Instagram.
To gain Instagram followers to your blog, you must create an appealing article and publish amazing photos that people enjoy.

You must create a separate Instagram page for your blog niche. You may also submit videos to Instagram and provide a link to your blog in the caption so that others can watch or visit your blog.

Treat your Instagram feed as a literal extension of your blog and its content – after all, you want both to be in sync, right?

When visitors come across your Instagram page, you want it to give them a taste of what your blog is all about and eventually entice them to visit your site via the clickable link in your bio.

Keep the colors consistent and the photos the same or comparable.

If your site uses bright, happy colors, you don’t want to use somber, dark hues on Instagram. Maintain the status quo.

For example, if you are working on a trip blog, create a travel Instagram feed. And you must include photographs of your travels as well as pictures of nature, which will undoubtedly entice visitors to visit your site.
This is my formula for increasing website views or attracting more people.
So, gentlemen, turn your Instagram account into a traffic generator for your blog.


Telegram is a messaging app that you’ve undoubtedly heard of.
Telegram is a prominent messaging app that has gradually gained the attention of marketers in recent years. And it’s a wonderful marketing tool; learning how to use Telegram for Content Promotion might be a crucial step in improving your content marketing strategy.
Unlike the content in Facebook postings that earn likes, Telegram content distribution focuses on quality rather than quantity.

The material is distributed via the app’s channels. In other words, a Telegram channel is similar to a Facebook business or fan page where companies or people may post material with their followers. Unlike Facebook, Telegram channels offer free instant messaging regardless of the quantity of shared material or the number of users.
Aside from good distribution system material to an infinite number of subscribers, the app allows users to simply track the number of watchers. Each Telegram channel has its own public or private link, which anybody may use to join your channel and remain up to date on your shares.

You may promote telegram links on all social media platforms to get people to join your Telegram group, and then as your group increases in size, you can share your blog post link on a daily basis.
As a result, guys, you should build a niche audience that visits your website, publications, and Telegram channel.
As I mentioned in the Facebook topic, you may utilize Telegram to join various blog promotion groups, and you can quickly add your blog or website link to such promotion groups. These are the techniques for using Telegram to acquire your site’s first visits.


TikTok is a relatively new social media app that displays brief snippets of video from people all around the place, making it a user-generated platform. You may navigate through an infinite number of short films and even customize your feed to what you want to view. Anyone with an account may publish a video, get followers, trade likes, and share videos across several platforms with their friends.
Users often choose less serious and more entertaining films, although everyone has a different taste. TikTok, which has given birth to many current trends, delivers a lot of fun for a social networking site.

There is a widespread misunderstanding that this site is only used by young people. Despite the fact that the vast majority of users are young adults, TikTok is currently used by people of all ages.
People use TikTok to have fun and keep up with the newest trends. This is how you can tell if it is relevant to your business, knowing that you need to keep up and be able to include your company in the current trends and entertaining advertising tactics.

If your company wants to advertise itself, even if it is a highly serious brand, there may be an audience on TikTok to market to because so many people use it nowadays. It is a question of being exposed to the appropriate individuals, but as you are undoubtedly aware, this may be a lesser part of prospective consumers when compared to TikTok’s more creative and entertaining side. As a result, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth the time, money, and effort.


If your content is not ranking on Google, you may submit it on these platforms to receive a lot of visitors. Your greatest approach is to try to gain traffic is through social media sites.
We receive a lot of traffic from social media platforms since people spend more time on them nowadays, therefore if you publish your content on each of these sites, you can be sure that at least 40 people out of 100 will visit your blog.
And this is just one social media site.
If you get 40 individuals to read your blog every day, you’ll have around 1200 visitors each month. What is a decent amount of visits for a new blog?

And 40 individuals is only an example; it must be 50, 60, 70, or even 80 people each day, and guess what number you may make by using these platforms.

These are the top 10 social media channels for making your blog popular or renowned.
Those platforms are also among my favorites.

Did you try any network? Which is your favorite?

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