10 Blog Niches That Make Money for Beginners

August 26, 2021

What is the Best Way to Make Money Online? – Whether you’re a student or a working professional, you’ve probably put this question into Google at least once in your life.

Blogging is the answer to your question. Yes, blogging is the most effective and tried-and-true way to earn a living on the internet. Not just from a monetary standpoint, but this specific line of work also provides you with other incredible benefits such as the ability to work from anywhere, no need for a large setup or infrastructure, the ability to share your expertise with anybody in the globe, and many more.

Let’s start with a definition: What is a Blogging Niche? A blog niche is a certain area or topic that you want to write about on your blog. It is the most important aspect that will shape the blog’s future path. Though it may appear easy, finding a great blog niche is a difficult task.
You must choose a popular and profitable niche by taking into account a variety of factors such as your area of interest, competition level, target audience, and so on. You must also keep up with market trends and understand what consumers are looking for.

Once you’ve found the proper niche, the following step is to identify the difficulties that particular group of individuals is experiencing, followed by the query that group is asking, and last, discover a keyword that targets your inquiry, and you’re done.
This is the simple approach that every money-making site follows, and I want you to follow the same method if you are serious about starting a blog that will provide you with passive revenue while you sleep.
Then this comprehensive guide with a compilation of Top 10 Types of Money-Making Blogs will address your points.

Every day, over 2 million blog articles are written, yet only a small percentage of those posts are able to rank in Google’s top ten SERPs. Worse, even after ranking in the top ten, those blogs are unable to generate money.
The reason for this is the inappropriate niche selection and methods of monetizing such sites. I have gone over many sorts of blog posts and came to my own conclusions on the top 10 types of Blogs that Make Money.
You must grasp the blog’s process since it begins with the selection of a monetizable niche, followed by the platform through which you may monetize that site.

It is always critical to select the correct niche, and I have previously discussed its road map in the how to start a blog guide if you missed it, but I will summarise it here with a few different instances.
We will not only focus on blog niches that earn money, but we will also look at some instances of blogs that are generating a lot of money.
Start thinking around the niches or categories that interest you the most, and conduct this activity while reading this post.
Are you prepared?
Let me show you how to establish a blog that can actually earn money, even if you are a newbie.

Make Passive Income or Making Money Online

When it comes to Passive income niches, it is a wide concept that has to be narrowed down further. Most advertisers are willing to pay a high price for such affiliate and money-making business ideas postings. When it comes to passive income, there may be several categories to consider, which will be the sub-niches.
Let’s take this blog as an example of how to make money with a blog, this site is centered on numerous methods to make money with a blog.

Such material has high search traffic and, as a result, a great earning potential. Giving individuals various tips on how to make money online may significantly increase the traffic to your website.
However, be wary of the subtopic chosen and its trend, which you can obtain from Google Trend, as I recently examined a niche called “how to make money from home” and the trend appears to be above the average (30) and steady over the year.

Generate money from home themes have a global very high search traffic, particularly among women who want to make money by setting up an automated process at home while caring for their families.
Well, this appears to be really cool for you, so why don’t you check what topics you may target surrounding this sub-niche, and here I used Google search to aid me, and bam!!
I discovered more than ten subtopics to write about on this blog or on a separate dedicated site for each, each aimed at a certain set of individuals interested in learning how to make money from home.
Isn’t it great?

You may also monetize your passive income blog by using the platforms listed below:

  • Setting up Google Adsense ads.
  • Top Affiliate Marketing Courses are being promoted.
  • Selling books on business or money-making concepts through the Amazon associate partner program.
  • Affiliate commissions are earned by advertising a tool required to generate money online.

If your site is geared to educating others on how to make money online, these four appear to be the primary sources of monetization.
If you’re interested in this area, can you tell me about the sub-topic you’d want to base your first blog on?

Tutorials and Learning Resources

In the year 2021, everyone – from a high school student to a working professional – relies on online platforms to meet their learning objectives. Keeping this in mind, you might choose to create a blog about a certain subject in which you are knowledgeable and confident in teaching others. It may be anything; for example, if you’re extremely excellent in Computer Networks, you might build a blog entirely dedicated to it and provide numerous tutorials and courses on it.

What you should keep in mind before diving into this sector is to first define your target audience, since material provided for novices or students will differ from that prepared for experienced users on the same issue. In terms of monetary rewards, in addition to the marketing technique, you may generate genuine revenue from an e-learning site by giving premium material or courses, eBooks, and so on. However, you are highly urged not to compromise on QUALITY in this area in particular.

Women Cosmetic and Haircare Tips

These sorts of blogs perform an excellent job if you have any clue what females enjoy and what they look for on the internet.
Women spend a lot of time on social media or other eCommerce buying sites looking for cosmetics and healthcare.
According to the ten statistics presented in the Bloomberg study, women drive 70-80 percent of all consumer spending, whether they are shopping for themselves or persuading others to purchase.
So how can we pass up this fantastic opportunity? You won’t believe it, but according to a Mirror study, women spend twice as much on cosmetics and haircare as they do on health and exercise.

So, to address the women’s issue, focus just on these two sectors while ignoring all others.
However, one common issue I’ve observed is that most individuals start a blog like an e-commerce site and try to sell a product directly.
This is not the proper method; instead, if you truly want to establish a woman cosmetic or haircare-centered sort of site that makes money, identify the problem and try to have a blog that solves all of them.
Instead of a product review, offer them your affiliate product as a solution to their problem.
Simple and straightforward.
Once again, I went to Google and typed in the query “How to makeup dry skin,” and here you have a plethora of options.

So, answer those questions step by step while also suggesting the cosmetics things you use, as though you are treating their problem while also providing a parallel remedy.
This is the finest way to sell something to a woman since they never believe in anything unless they compare it to others.
Use the following platform to make money selling cosmetics and hair care products:

  • Affiliate each product with an Amazon affiliate.
  • If the site becomes popular, give private cosmetic companies internet advertising space.
  • You may monetize your site by using Google Adsense.

There are several chances to market beauty items; simply discover the perfect approach to contact the correct audience.

Personal Relationships & Dating

If you want to target individuals who have the craziness of love, this is a fantastic niche for you. These days, it is normal to have a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and if so, surely there will be a split or patch.
So, do you have a man or a woman in your life?
If this is the case, you are either enthusiastic about the bliss of love or fear of the split. Such interactions are quite important in propelling any human existence. So, if your site is all about educating people on how to maintain a good relationship, that does not just mean with their girlfriend or boyfriend, but also with their family, friends, coworkers, and everyone else.

What about this chance? These audiences are emotional and eager to get the greatest advice if you can provide it through your blog.
However, keep in mind that your blog should include some case studies on people and how they handle their relationships, which will pique the interest of your readers.
If you can appeal to their emotions, your posts will receive an increasing number of social shares and, as a result, a large number of visitors to your website.

You won’t believe how many books on text chemistry are on the market, so recommend them fantastic material, either videos or textbooks, and you can start stacking your money.
Amy North is the most visible example of this sector; she is selling her book on Text Chemistry to educate a lady on how to communicate with her partner in a relationship.
So, if you’re looking for love, you should get her Text Chemistry on How to Talk to a Man?
So, how does a Personal Relationship Blog differ from other types of blogs that earn money?

  • Make money by advertising such personal coaching classes on your website.
  • Text chemistry books in the Emy North style should be sold to them.
  • Install Adsense advertisements on your website.
  • Sell personal gifts on a variety of relationship holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or any other friendship holiday.

You won’t believe how much money you may make if one of your social media posts goes viral, which is highly likely if you start a personal relationship specialization.

Healthy Food and Recipes Ideas

Almost every human being enjoys excellent food, and no one can refute the fact behind food bloggers’ popularity. Almost every street corner has a culinary specialist, and every housewife wants to learn how to prepare delectable foods.
Again, don’t be confused with how you may earn money by teaching others how to create wonderful foods because the objective of the site is to identify the problem and cure it by recommending our affiliate goods.

This is a very competitive niche, and Google, like the Health & Fitness and Financial niches, looks for the authority of the food blogger; creating a random blog with various recipes will not work in the food blogging business.
People require photos, videos, and your personal touch with the readers when you post material since no one expects to listen to or read someone who is new to the food or recipe sector.
According to Statista, the yearly revenue rise in the food business is astonishing because it is expanding every day.
So this business is a large catch and the most promising return for women, but it is a broad niche, and if you truly want to succeed, select one that looks like tiny niches.

Let me offer you the finest example of a food blogger, Karen Peterson; you won’t believe how she was able to earn enormous money and pay off her whole house mortgage in just 24 months.
It’s fantastic, and her website is suddenly rocketing to the top of Google’s search engine rankings.
She just chose a niche that was entirely focused on how to create a meal using a Crockpot as well as how to make a recipe using the cooker and pressure cooker, which few people target, and her site has since been quite popular.
Here, I searched Google for blog ideas, and you can see that we have the most focused results, which you can further dive down into. For example, meal dishes for children, students, or picky eaters, etc.

When it comes to generating money from a food or recipe blog, the following are my top recommendations.
How to Make Money with a Food or Recipe Blog:

  • You may offer advertising space to local restaurants.
  • You may recommend Amazon items while sharing tasty recipes.
  • Can be monetized using the Adsense Ad network.
  • Food and recipe e-books authored by you or others can be sold.

As previously said, Google Core changes have a significant influence on recipe or food blogs, which is why I recommend installing the schema and asking your readers to comment or review your meals.

Technology and Gadgets

No one can deny that technology is evolving at such a rapid pace, and as a result, the blogging niche is expanding rapidly across the web. People want to stay up to date on all the latest technologies and gadgets – and you can meet this need by providing them with all the latest updates and information about new technologies and gadgets via your blog. If you’re tech-savvy, you might start a technology blog to educate your readers on the newest technologies and devices that are already on the market or will be released soon.

You may even narrow down this specialty by covering simply cellphones, software, and applications, or any other sector. The nice part about this topic is that you may find a variety of affiliate marketing possibilities to help you boost your earnings. For example, if a firm launches a new item or gadget and you find it worthy and promising, you may contact the product owner and advertise it on your blog to benefit your audience and, of course, to make some extra cash. Isn’t this a win-win situation for all parties?

Blog About Picnic, Holidays and Travelling

Why can’t we target such an audience? It has now become a common habit for every family to go on a trip or take a vacation on an occasion or on a timely basis, so why can’t we target such an audience?
If you wish to create a traveling blog and advise locations to visit in a specific nation or city, you may be saturated because millions of individuals are already sharing such data and you will be just a drop in the ocean.
So change your perspective and concentrate on the accessories that people use when picnicking or touring. Here’s an example of a travel leisure blog that combines travel accessories with travel tips.

Consider this: if individuals are going camping, they may require a camping tent, a light, or a folding bed, among other things. If they intend to go on family vacations, they may be shopping for RVs (Recreational Vehicles) or tiny items that will fit into their travel bag.
However, such niches are essentially seasonal niches and you will only get traffic during a specific time period, so attempt to dig down this further which gets regular traffic throughout the month.
Here you can see how their search pattern is still going strong in the United States.
So why not include a few sections where you can advise folks on the greatest spots to visit or the delectable cuisine you can bring with you when traveling?

This appears to be a fairly broad niche; you just need to narrow it down more by using Amazon Categories or the niche suggestions I gave in How to Start a Blog Post.
I looked for the Best Camping and you have a tonne of accessory recommendations that people are seeking to buy, so focus on those themes and handle every problem by recommending their particular items.
Now, if you’re wondering how to generate money with a travel blog, consider this: Here are a couple of ideas.

  • Using Amazon Affiliate, you may sell all of the travel accessories.
  • You can offer vacation packages by partnering with another vacation provider firm.
  • Sell a travel guidebook.
  • Set up Google Adsense ads.

To be successful with your travel and food blog, you must have an Instagram account where you can engage with your target audience and offer new ideas to them.

Entertainment and Media

These sorts of blogs have a strong potential for receiving a lot of traffic from social media platforms since the Hollywood and Bollywood industries make billions of dollars every year all around the world.
When a movie is about to be released or has already been released, global searches for that movie will be in the millions, but search engines will not have that many sites to rank for upcoming movies to give readers a clear image.
So keep an eye on Google trends linked to movies and begin producing content, which you will subsequently share on social media platforms, and your site will receive a great reaction.

Even in the entertainment sector, there are subcategories such as celebrity blogs.
This is a blog about box office collecting.
Movie casts are the subject of a blog.
Blog about watching movies online.

If you go further, you’ll find that there are thousands of different methods to create a blog. Let me offer you the best example of an online movie viewing service.
You’ve probably heard of Netflix and Amazon Prime, which are the most popular Open Television (OTV) platforms and are well-known for the regular release of online programs.

So, why can’t you write a blog on Netflix series, their casts, and their backstories, and then recommend that the reader subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime using your Affiliate link?
This way, you will receive ongoing revenue and will be able to monetize your site; here are a few additional options:
Because of the huge traffic potential, place Google Adsense ads.
Suggestions for Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions
However, you should never establish a site that allows for movie downloading because it is unlawful and will result in copyright difficulties with the movie’s owner.

Home Improvement Suggestions & Tips

Home improvement was the least competitive niche I discovered, as well as the only one that is evergreen and has an infinite search volume.
If you listen to Kathryn Emery, the creator of Be the Best Home, she says “Be green,” which implies that people are making changes to the accessories they previously used in their homes in order to become more eco-friendly, save money, and enhance security.
For example, utilizing smart gadgets to minimize energy consumption, such as LED, using water purifiers to prevent water pollution, and using security equipment to assure the safety of the house.
Using automated instruments like a robot cleaner, a washing machine, and a variety of other gadgets. In addition to their gardening interests,

The need for such items will continue to grow, and you will have no trouble finding your target audience.
Your blog can cover any sub-topic, such as

  • Flooring repair.

  • Roof enhancement

  • Bedroom Room Enhancement

  • Gardening

  • Repairing walls, fencing, and polishing furniture

The best aspect is that your targeted audience will be from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or any Tier 1 country, which instantly increases your profit margin when compared to any Tier 3 country.
Here are a few recommendations based on a Google search for prospective blog article topics.

If you like the last idea, How to Fix Ceiling from Noise, you may establish a site focused just on ceiling soundproofing and obtain targeted visitors.
When it comes to how to generate money with a home renovation blog, here are my top recommendations:

  • Selling items as an Amazon Associate.
  • Ebooks for house renovation are being sold.
  • Having a podcast where people may learn how to enhance their houses.

If I were to start my first blog today, I would focus on the home improvement niche because it appears to be easy to target and offers mid to high-priced items to sell.

What are your thoughts? Please share them in the comments section.

Gaming & eSports

The online gaming business is rapidly increasing, as evidenced by data from different standard studies indicating that there are more than 300 million online players in India alone. As a result, given the growing demand and popularity of this particular topic, gaming will undoubtedly be a successful blogging niche. Because the Gaming niche is so wide, you can choose to develop a specialized sub-niche of your choice, such as tutorials for a certain genre of games, walkthroughs & tips, new releases, game streamings, and so on.

However, while developing a gaming blog, you must keep many important factors in mind, such as the blog topic is distinctive, creative and engaging, a playful writing style, and so on, because the bulk of your audience will be young people who do not want to read unappealing or lifeless content. You may monetize your gaming blog by collaborating with numerous gaming studios and promoting them on your blog. You may also join affiliate programs and use your site to promote various gaming equipment or items.

What I listed are some of the most popular niches that anyone can start since they have little competition or adequate search traffic to profit for the targeted consumers.

I hope you found this information useful, and if so, please share it as widely as possible so that others may benefit from the same technique. Also, please leave a comment below to let me know what sorts of blogs you think to make money.

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Written by Dev Baidya